Milwaukee mechanic tools


Additional alternatives for carrying and organizing ratchet and socket sets added to the Packout Modular Storage System. Three Milwaukee Packout Ratchet and Socket Sets will be available in their low-profile organizers in June. Milwaukee will sell the organizer trays separately for individuals who already own the Packout system and ratchet sets.

48-22-9486 Socket Set Key Features

  • Sockets with FOUR FLAT™ Sides on socket deter rolling.  
  • FOUR FLAT™ Sides feature Wrench-Ready Design  
  • Ratchet has a 90 tooth design with a 4-degree arc swing for tight workspaces—ratchet and socket set with slim profile ratchet.  
  • Ratchet has flush directional lever Sockets with stamped sizes.  
  • PACKOUT™ Organizer has an Impact Resistant Body  
  • PACKOUT™ Organizer has an IP65 Rated Protection  
  • PACKOUT™ organizer has a clear top for easy identification of contents  
  • PACKOUT™ organizer has heavy-duty latches  
  • PACKOUT™ organizer has a reinforced hinge

Technical Details

Item Weight‎17.27 pounds
Package Dimensions‎23.46 x 23.11 x 4.57 inches
Head Style‎Fixed Square, Hex
Batteries Included?‎No
Batteries Required?‎No

A 90-tooth ratchet tool with 4° of arc swing and a small profile for operation in confined locations includes in this MILWAUKEE® Combo Kit. The ratchet and socket set have FOUR FLAT™ Sides. That seems anti-roll and wrench-ready, with sizes stamped into every socket for easy-to-read visibility—both the SAE & Metric 56-piece 3/8 in. and 50-piece 14 inches. Drive Ratchet and Socket Sets can organize in the supplied PACKOUT™ Compact Low-Profile Organizer, with a clear top for quick part identification.

The Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System includes the Low-Profile Organizer, which allows for the modification of storage systems to move and organize tools and accessories effortlessly. This Milwaukee Combo Kit comes with a total of 106 pieces, including a 56-piece 3/8-in. A 50 Piece 1/4 inches. Socket Set (48-22-9004) with Drive Ratchet, a PACKOUT™ Compact Low-Profile Organizer, and a Drive Ratchet and Socket Set (48-22-9008) (48-22-8431).

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