We’ll look at what is the impact wrench and Its utilization. Impact wrenches can be found in mechanics’ toolboxes all over the world. They’re often used to loosen lug nuts on automobiles, but they can be utilized in any circumstance requiring tremendous torque.

When shopping for a cordless impact wrench, keep in mind that though it creates a lot of torque, it’s usually less than equivalent compressed air devices. As a result, a cordless impact wrench is an excellent choice for lesser operations. It’s perfect for a home workshop with little space. A cordless impact wrench is a little heavier than a corded impact wrench since it uses rechargeable batteries. Still, it offers much more mobility, especially when a power connection is too tight or remote.

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Mechanism of Impact Wrench

A rotating mass is contained within the tool. The source of power for a cordless impact wrench is batteries. The motor generates energy by rotating the device. It then presses against an anvil at the tool’s end, which causes a considerable amount of torque, far more than any human can generate. The mass, which in the best cordless impact wrenches is fashioned like a hammer, continues to revolve, so the operator only feels a little bit of the impact.

Cordless impact wrenches are incredibly precise in addition to generating a lot of torque, making them excellent for a variety of applications. When working on a building site or securing lug nuts on a wheel, it’s far safer to use a power tool rather than doing it by hand. Even though all impact wrenches work similarly, a cordless impact wrench comparison reveals that they have many variances.

Cordless Impact Wrench Batteries

Higher voltage will offer you more power if all other factors are equal, but there are some circumstances where lower voltage is preferable. 12-volt impact wrenches are more compact due to their smaller batteries. They’re ideal for minor chores, working overhead, or getting into tight locations because of this. The difference between 18 and 20-volt tools is smaller. In general, increased features and capabilities on 18-volt tools make them more versatile and easier to operate.

The total number of amps constantly generated during an hour is measured in Ah (amp hours). Consider amp-hours in the same way that you would a gas tank’s volume—a higher number equals more gas.

High RPMs help drive nuts or bolts faster, but IPMs kick in more force as resistance increases.

Cordless Impact Wrench Body Type

In the market, there are two types of cordless impact wrenches: inline and pistol-grip. With a handle behind the hammer and anvil, the inline impact wrench resembles a giant screwdriver. The grip rests beneath the motor on the pistol-style, which is designed like a handgun. Cordless impact wrenches also come with various socket sizes to accommodate a variety of nuts and bolts. 

The table below indicates which socket sizes are compatible with each impact wrench form. Inline wrenches are ideal for jobs where you need to work in confined locations, and a pistol-style impact wrench won’t fit. An inline impact wrench is must-have equipment if you plan to operate on machinery, especially autos.

While pistol impact wrenches are more significant, their grip type is more ergonomic, reducing hand strain and allowing you to operate for extended periods without becoming fatigued. Some of these versions come with side handles, allowing you to leverage your weight and maintain an excellent operating angle. A pistol-style impact wrench is usually the best solution if you don’t need the superb fit of an inline wrench.

Socket SizeImpact Wrench Shape
1/4-inchBoth inline and pistol
1-inchPistol and a T-shaped inline featuring handles opposite the anvil
3/8-inchMostly pistol, but also works with a specialized inline style known as a butterfly wrench

Larger socket sizes, up to 2 inches, are also available. On the other hand, bolts that huge and otherwise are generally found in big-scale tasks that necessitate heavy-duty impact wrenches with higher power requirements than a cordless wrench.


Impact wrenches are typically used for various procedures over a long period in jobs that demand their strength. Work-related strain can be reduced using ergonomic handle grips and anti-vibration measures. It would be best to choose a cordless impact wrench with precisely the perfect amount of power to complete the job correctly. A smaller motor produces fewer vibrations, resulting in less physical strain.


Look for design improvements like all-metal gear housings or high-strength plastic overmolds, which can help avoid damage from impacts or being dropped. Brushless motor impact wrenches have fewer moving parts, which means less chance of components breaking down, and repair work is easier to execute.

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  • REDLINK PLUS intelligence prevents damage to the tool and battery due to overloading or overheating.
  • Features a friction ring design to ensure quick and easy socket changes.
  • LED light to illuminate the work area.

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