Here are a lot of variables to buying the best cordless drills under $150 and the primary use for the drill. Drill speed RPMs, Torque output, motor size amps of output, and battery type size are all very important things to be considered first.

Buying the best budget cordless drill will cost a little more than your expectations. But you need the cheapest & the best cordless drill among the power tools. If you are residential DIY how much handyman works needs to be done.  

some homeowners expect from you, great drill just like badass a professional. If you’re building a deck, Use a hard drill. For that, you want extra money to buy a better grade of the drill as a power tool. you can go into the hardware store and buy a couple of the best cordless drills for under $150.

 If you’re a DIY professional, you’ll want to buy a commercial-grade cordless drill. As well as buy two rechargeable batteries as a kit. The batteries should be lithium batteries for longer power and longer battery longevity.

I would recommend an 18 volt larger but for most people, an 18–20-volt battery will be fine. The better brands are DeWalt, Milwaukee, Craftsman, Ryobi, Makita, Black + Decker, KIMO, and Bosh you can get those in a better grade or a commercial grade. The commercial-grade cordless drills will be in the $250+ range.

Check sales. Your local hardware store, and the big box outlets, and the online vendors all have factory promotions regularly. Never buy a cordless tool of any description at regular retail unless you need it for work and you broke the predecessor. The better grade will be in the $150s and available at the big box stores.

How to Choose the Best Cordless Drill

When hoping to pick a power drill, you need to see the entirety of the various highlights these instruments offer past cordless versus corded. Even though drills have a comparative plan and look, they all are not made equivalent, as indicated by Apartment Therapy.

Amps: The essential strategy for estimating drilling power for corded drills is amps. For most home clients, a corded drill with a rating of 6 or 8 amps will be satisfactory.

Battery: Most drills utilize a rechargeable Li-Ion battery. These batteries will keep going for many utilizations, and they give enough power to run the drill for a couple of long periods of persistent use. More seasoned cordless drills may utilize NiCd rechargeable innovation.

Chuck: A cordless drill ordinarily will utilize a spinnable handle that permits you to fix and slacken the region of the drill that holds the bits (called the chuck). Release the chuck to eliminate a spot, and fix it again to make sure about the touch before utilizing it. Some more established corded drills require a “key” to slacken and fix the chuck.

Light: A few drills incorporate a Drove light in the drill, close to the chuck. This is an extraordinary component to permit you to perceive what you’re drilling into when working in dull conditions, as per the DIY Organization.

Reverse Switch: The drill’s flip switch will switch between the forward and reverse the turn of the drill head.

Speed: Most power drills will offer distinctive speed settings, which gauges the cycles every moment, or RPMs, the drill head can perform. A quicker speed setting functions admirably for drilling openings, while a slower speed setting turns out better for driving screws. You’ll regularly control the speed through a flip switch.

Trigger: You’ll push down the trigger on the drill to begin turning the drill head. Delivery the trigger to put an end to the turning.

Volts: The essential strategy for estimating drilling power for a cordless drill is volts. A drill with a higher voltage rating will convey a more noteworthy capacity to enter hard materials or to drive screws rapidly. Most cordless drills for use at home will fit in the 12-to-18-volt range, yet you can buy 20-to-24-volt drills to acquire power.

Top 10 Best Cordless Drill Drivers Under $150

It is made sure to communicate that you are set up to see the grand yet spending plan overviewed cordless drill drives that can professionally execute the work?

In this article, I will review some amazing cordless drill drivers under $150 that are moving in the market with positive customer ratings. I’m sure that these power tools are inside your financial strategy.

I’m sure that these best cordless drills are inside your financial arrangement.

Black+Decker LDX120C Cordless Drill

Here comes another cordless drill from Black and Decker on my best budget list and it’s the Black and Decker LDX120C 20-Volt Cordless Drill Set.


DCD791D2 Cordless Drill

DEWALT brushless motor which delivers up to 57% more run time

Caseling Hard Case

Caseling Hard Case

Compatible with LDX120C Cordless Drill

Lithium Battery

Lithium-Ion Battery

Compatible with BLACK+DECKER LDX120C

As you most likely are aware, if you have the best apparatus in your grasp, your occupation will complete rapidly and immediately.

At the point when I talk about the best cordless drill, at that point, it is worth examining the highlights and specs of this exceptional power hand gadget.

Key Features

  • lightweight cordless drill
  • LED work light
  • 115 Inch Pounds torque
  • 1 hr Average Battery Life
  • The 3/8 chuck makes it valuable with the greater part of the pieces battery and a charger is included the package itself so is prepared for the use when its unpacked Simplicity to hold and work within the view of its plan the less iring to work with on the account of being lightweight Functions admirably in sharp corners and dull conditions as well.
  • A featherweight Black & Decker LDX120C drill cum driver is anything but difficult to convey and truly reasonable. The drill can be utilized for extended periods without any trouble.
  • There is no need for ear protection, as this LDX120C drill can be used for a long-time without creating any noise.
  • For this portable drill, handling comfort is another plus point. The grip is covered with soft rubber with no slipping at all. This impressive tool can be used without any hassle for different applications such as woodwork, plastic, or metal surfaces. By simply applying sufficient pressure on the trigger itself, the drilling speed can be controlled.
  • The construction isn’t heavy-duty There is no defensive or conveying case remembered for the bundle Doesn’t function as a driver as the other (more costly).
  • Its battery lasts around 1.5 hours, so you may require to fully re-charge before any long use.
  • Despite how this is a compact Drill, No firm packaging is furnished with this.
  • Focusing on LED provided could have been something better.

With 3.15 lbs. lightweight cordless drill, you can complete the screw driving and drilling errands with exact control through its 11-position grip.

Moreover, it is more appropriate to use in restricted spaces. On the off chance that you will utilize the driller apparatus for extensive stretches, at that point this Black and Decker 20-Volt Cordless Drill gadget could be the correct decision for you.

It comes with a charger and battery. No tool is drop-proof. So, it’s better off dealing with an under $150 tool that’s been dropped vs a $200 too. Having to carry your tools up and down ladders, you want the lightest weight tool that you can get by with. This drill fits the bill perfectly.

DeWALT DCD771C2 Cordless Drill

One of the best cordless drills you can find on the market today is the DeWALT DCD771C2. The 20-volt cordless drill is powered by a powerful enough Lithium-ion battery to drive its high-performance motor.


DeWALT is one of the biggest manufacturers of power tools that are not only critical but also seriously designed to handle even challenging drilling projects.

DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set

Screwdriver Bit Set

Bit Set with Tough Case, 45-Piece (DW2166)

DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set

Drill Bit Set

DEWALT Drill Bit Set, 21-Piece (DW1342)

Charging Station Dewalt


Dual USB for 12V MAX and 20V MAX

DCD771C2 of DeWALT is constructed as such, the DeWALT DCD771C2 is designed to handle most drilling functions. With the high-speed transmission and 2 variable speeds, the user can select the level of output that he or she requires for specific applications.

The speed variance makes this tool extremely convenient. This DeWALT DCD771C2 cordless drill review will let you know more about this top-rated drill tool.

Key Features

  • Compact, lightweight style suits in tight areas.
  • A high-performance motor provides 300-Watt (UWO) power output to complete a range of uses.
  • The high-speed transmission provides 2 speeds (0 450 and 1500 rpm) for many fastening and drilling activities. Form of Chuck: Keyless
  • 1/2-inch single-sleeve ratchet jack provides tight bit grip strength.
  • The ergonomic handle provides comfort and power. Width of the tool: 1.9 inch
  • The maximum initial battery voltage (measured without working load) is 20 volts. The nominal voltage is eighteen. Battery capacity: 1.3-amp hour
  • The LED light is super bright for dark workspaces.
  • The 2 batteries last an incredibly long time and charge very quickly.
  • The 20V power is more than enough power for the weekend warrior/intermediate craftsman.
  • With long-lasting steel construction, it is compact and lightweight.
  • It is not suitable for heavy drilling projects.
  • Can be loosened by itself.

DeWALT is a popular name when it comes to manufacturing powered tools, particularly in the compact drill field. One of the extremely potent tools that speak the language of the DeWALT model is DCD771C2. This is not the cheapest drill, but it is driven to a mid-tier value by its compact construction as well as design.

We hope that this cordless drill review will shed some light on you if you’ve had a second thought about buying this product. For DIY enthusiasts and novices looking to enhance their drilling experiences, it is arguably the best cordless drill.

KIMO 13811 Cordless Drill Driver

This Kimo 13811 Drill/Driver Kit is filled with parts and accessories. It’s a solid starter kit with a lot of benefits.


We’ve yet to see another priced package like this that works and saves you money. It’s not a daily operations procedure for all applications, but the base DIY and Handyman users can perform.

KIMO Impact Driver

Cordless Impact Drill Kit

2652in-lb 300NM Torque, 2800RPM Variable Speed

Cordless Electric Ratchet Wrench

Electric Ratchet Wrench

3/8″ 40 Ft-lbs 400 RPM 12V Power Ratchet Wrench

Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

2.0Ah Battery &Fast Charger, 21000 RPM

3/8′′ self-drill Drill Driver with 3 in 1 mode: screw-driving, drilling, and impact drilling. Includes a two-speed transmission (0-350 RPM and 0-1350 RPM). 23 position drills with various applications. All copper motor with a torque of 350 in-lbs. Driven by a 20v battery pack.

Amazon already has this as its “Top Choice” and has outstanding feedback from customers. Our first reaction when we opened the box was “fantastic.” It feels like a solid machine and comes with lots of accessories.

We’re going to list them below. It looks like a Craftsman or a Porter Cable drill but with plenty of extras. So, it could easily be represented as a Starter Kit. With this design, users will execute a lot of applications.

Key Features

  • It’s 350in. lbs. Max torque
  • Two-speed transmission (0-350 & 0-1,350 RPM)
  • Driven light under the mount
  • Textured grip for ease
  • 2.0 Ah 20v li-ion battery pack with 1-hour easy charger.
  • Clutch 21 + 1 + 1
  • Keyless Metal Chuck 3/8″
  • 8 1/2″ in length
  • Flexible drill shaft for narrow spaces.
  • All of the copper motor construction
  • The copper motor appears to be lighter and cooler than the regular cordless motor.
  • Comes with a 46-piece drill bit package at a price point that you wouldn’t predict.
  • Variable speed—one tool will be drilled and impact drill.
  • A few of the users had problems with the battery.
  • The impact feature might be a little imbalanced.
  • KIMO is not a popular brand of a cordless drill.

KIMO says it’s been in operation for over 25 years, but if that’s the case, it doesn’t make any ripples or word-of-mouth. But it’s still possibly the best cordless drill that budget-conscious tool owners can look further.

Best of all, it’s drilling and impact driving all as one unit, so there’s no need to cart the impact driver around. The package comes with a 1.2.0Ah battery, a packing case, a charger, and a multitude of bits for any conceivable mission.

KIMO is excited to launch its “all-copper” engine, which is lighter than the conventional motor and better suited to heat management. With a 2-year warranty to boot, it makes sense to at least try this drill—it will certainly fascinate you with its flexibility, even at its cheap price.

Milwaukee 2801-20 Compact Brushless Cordless Drill

It’s M18 1/2 in. Compact Brushless Drill/Driver provides the most power in its class while retaining its compact size.


The Milwaukee designed brushless motor, the REDLINK Electronics, and the REDLITHIUM batteries provide more effective power transmission with fewer trips to the charger.

Multi-Voltage Battery Charger

Multi-Voltage Battery Charger

Charges Compact Batteries In 30 Minutes

Extended Capacity Battery (2 pack)

Extended Capacity Battery 

48-11-1852 M18 REDLITHIUM XC 5.0 Ah

Milwaukee 2864-20 Fuel

High Torque Impact Wrench

2864-20 Fuel One-Key 3/4″ High Torque

It’s just 6-1/2 in. Long, 3.4 lbs. This drill offers excellent balance and control in a compact size, ideal for the overhead function or in tight spaces. This lightweight drill is delivering 500 in. Lbs. Torque and 0-500/0-1,800 RPM for a wide variety of drilling and fastening activities. An all-metal gear case and a half inch. The metal sleeve guarantees optimum longevity.

Key Features

  • Milwaukee brushless motor: designed for performance, this motor provides more running time and longer existence.
  • 6.5 in. in length
  • 500 in.-lbs. of torque
  • 500 – 1800 RPM
  • Compact design: offers outstanding balance and stability, suitable for overhead activities or work in narrow spaces.
  • Type of the Chuck: 1/2 in. Metal ratchet single sleeve
  • All-metal gearbox case and 1/2 in. Metal Screw: ensure full impact and shock durability
  • The best battery ever. You charge it it stays charge fully whether you using the battery or not.
  • Brushless motor outperforms all leading rivals with steady power output when running cooler without wearable parts.
  • REDLINK PLUS provides optimum output while defending against overheating, over-discharge, and overload.
  • Light-weight and Slightly cheaper than comparable offerings.
  • No carrying case, bare tool only. comes without batteries.
  • Some may be discarded by its compact size.
  • You’ll still pay more for a branded version.

Brushless drills are the wave of the future—they only last longer in every aspect. Even though this drill is compact, don’t let the size of the drill fill you. It has a 1⁄2″ sleeve and a ratcheting sleeve that will take almost every drill bit.

Best of all, Milwaukee’s REDLINK technology ensures that the drill is turned off if it is overworked, reducing the chance of damaging your weapon. Milwaukee is a safe and creative drill investment.

Truly the best cordless drill ever and the battery compared to other companies over the years is a wonder of technology. We’ve been using Craftsman, Dewalt, Ryobi, Bosch, etc for over 30 years in the remodeling business and none of them is comparable to the latest M18 equipment.

MAKITA FD09R1 Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

Makita 12V max CXT® Lithium-Ion 3/8 In cordless. The drilling kit provides power and speed in an ultra-compact size for effective drilling, moving, and fastening.


With 12V max CXT slide-style batteries, users achieve superior balance and build quality over pod-style batteries. For added comfort, the batteries have an on-board L.E.D. charging level indicator.

Cordless Random Orbit Sander

Cordless 5″ Random Orbit Sander

 XOB01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 2.9 Pounds

Impact Gold Ultra-Magnetic Torsion Insert Bit Holder

Magnetic Torsion Insert Bit Holder

B-35097 Impact Gold Ultra-Magnetic

HP Compact Router

HP Compact Router

Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router

The FD09R1 just weighs 2.4 lbs. (with a battery of 2.0 Ah) and delivers 250 in. Lbs, guy. Of the highest torque. It is the perfect solution for users searching for a more lightweight driver-drill with less weight and for applications in tight spaces. 12V max CXT cordless tools are also compatible with 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion 4.0 Ah battery for longer run time (BL1041B).

12V max CXT Lithium-Ion batteries are equipped with a battery safety circuit that protects against overload, overload, and overheating. It is part of the expanding 12V max CXT® series, combining performance with superior ergonomics in a compact format.

Key Features

  • The variable 2-speed (0-450 & 0-1,700 RPM) design covers a wide variety of drilling and driving applications.
  • The battery safety circuit protects against overcharging, over-charging, and over-heating.
  • 12V max CXTTM Lithium-Ion 2.0Ah battery BL1021B features an integrated L.E.D. battery level charge indicator.
  • Part of the 12V max CXT series, combining performance with superior ergonomics in a compact size.
  • Not compatible with max 12V pod-style equipment, batteries, and chargers
  • 3-year limited tool, battery, and charger warranty.
  • Using just genuine Makita batteries and chargers
  • The Makita-built motor delivers 250 in. Lbs. Max torque
  • Ergonomically built handle with rubberized soft grip ensures improved comfort.
  • 12V max CXT slide battery design allows the tool to stand on its own for customer convenience.
  • Compact and ergonomic style, just 7″ tall.
  • Weighs just 2.4 lbs. with a battery to minimize operator fatigue.
  • Built-in L.E.D. light illuminates the working room.
  • Ideal for working in confined spaces
  • Convenient 3/8″ keyless chuck for fast bit changes
  • The drill is lightweight and feels perfectly balanced while in your hand. It fits perfectly in your hand and doesn’t make your wrist tired.
  • 12V max CXT® slide battery design enables the tool to stand on its own for user convenience.
  • Package Includes (2) 12V max CXT® Lithium-Ion batteries, charger, and tool case.
  • Max speed only 700 RPM. Variable 2-speed (0-450 & 0-1,700 RPM) covers a wide range of drilling and driving applications.
  • Torque 250 Inch Pounds.

The FD09R1 is fairly steady all over the board. Its speed is high enough to be significant and has a powerful torque. Makita places it in a box that is lightweight and relatively compact compared to the other 12V ones. Even though it’s done mid-pack, it’s got the chops to merit your serious consideration.

What’s cool is that Makita includes component diagrams for their tools, and you’ll see the exact variations, assuming the diagrams are drawn to the scale. From the parts diagrams, the major difference appears to be the assembly of the gears, and the housing is shorter to accommodate it.

To sum up, Makita has launched a new 12V Max CXT cordless drill/driver, which is * slightly* different from the previous model. It will also feature a range of new cordless power tool combo kits.

Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 Cordless Brushless Drill

The best performance goes to the Cobalt 24V brushless drill. Kobalt shot up to 24 volts by having an additional cell to the battery pack to operate on six cells instead of five.


This is very similar to the Hilti 22V battery pack. This may sound gimmicky, but here are some real performance benefits that we’ve noticed in our research.

Kobalt 106-piece Power Tool Accessories Set

Power Tool Accessories Set

 Kobalt 106-piece Power Tool Accessories Set

Compact Cordless Power Equipment Battery Charger

Equipment Battery Charger

Compact Cordless Power Equipment Battery Charger

Kobalt 24-volt Max 4-Amp-Hours Lithium Power Tool Battery KB 424-03

24-volt Max KB 424-03

Kobalt 24-volt Max Power Tool Battery

With 650-inch pounds of torque and 2000 RPM speed, you get a lot of control. Power is supplied by a 2.0 amp-hour battery. The fit, finish and ergonomics of this drill are very solid, even though it is on the heavier side compared to other Pro brands.

Key Features

  • Model: Kobalt KDD 1424A-03
  • Voltage: 24V Max
  • Torque: 650 in-lbs.
  • Max Speed: 2000 RPM
  • Included Battery: (1) 2.0 AH
  • Item Weight: 4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 3 x 9.5 inches
  • Excellent speed and Very Good torque.
  • Very Good ergonomics.
  • Brushless motor.
  • Additional batteries are incredibly cheaper.
  • 5-year warranty
  • Heavier than others in this class
  • No hammer drill mode
  • Only a few compatible 24V Max tools
  • Only comes with one 2.0 AH battery

The $150 mark puts you into a different class of cordless drills. Almost all the leading pro brands have a kit in the current market and some of them even get into brushless motors. Here you can find the entry-level performance of Pro along with the minimum features you can expect from the Pro level tool.

Porter-Cable PCCK604L2 Cordless Drill

Porter-Cable combo kits are common for a good purpose – they often provide strong and well-designed tools and come at a reasonable price.


Most of the time, these kits will include a few accessories, such as batteries or kit bags, which make them into attractive packages that save money and allow the purchaser to upgrade his workshop.

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Battery Charger (PCC692L)

Battery Charger -PCC692L

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Battery Charger

PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool

Angle Grinder Tool-PC60TPAG

Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 7-Amp


MAX LED Work Light-PCC700B

4 LED Bulbs delivers 120 Lumens

The company’s PCCK604L2 toolkit is one of its finest kits of this kind. Combining a drill/driver and an impact driver, this is a set of the most widely used power tools and something that can be conveniently taken around thanks to the soft-sided bag included. Of course, the charger and the batteries are also included, as are some useful extra items.

Key Features

  • 1/2 inch two-speed drill/driver. High-performance motor delivers 283 Units Watts Out and 0-350/0-1,500 RPM.
  • Compact design 8.25 inches long and 3.5 lbs. Drill features an ergonomic handle design, LED light, and bit storage
  • 1/4 inch impact driver delivers 1450 in/lbs of torque, 0-2,800 RPM and 0-3,100 BPM. Quick load chuck for one-handed bit changes.
  • Compact design 6.9″ long and 3.3 lbs. Impact driver features an ergonomic handle, LED light, and bit storage
  • 20V MAX 1.3 Ah lithium-ion batteries included. Professional grade batteries deliver more runtime and are lighter weight than traditional NiCd batteries
  • Boast’s excellent impact mechanism – delivers 1450 in. Lbs to 2800 ROM and 3100 BPM.
  • Strong motor – capable of producing 1500 rpm.
  • It has 20-volt lithium-ion batteries that ensure a longer run time.
  • The non-slip handle provides a stronger grip while in use.
  • Variable speed triggers for maximum drilling accuracy.
  • Both tools are compact and lightweight reducing user fatigue.
  • The holder of the magnetic driver needs some change.
  • Some users say that the drill is a bit noisier than the others.
  • Below average life of the battery.
  • Designed for home projects.

Ergonomic, durable, with solid performance and interchangeable batteries, the tools included in the Porter-Cable PCCK604L2 combo kit provide outstanding value for money.

When handled correctly and with a little reverence for old craftsmen, they will last a long time and support you with each of your light-duty projects. It’s a moderately priced tool collection that certainly deserves its great ratings.

Bosch PS31-2A Drill Driver Kit

The Bosch 12V PS31 Max 3/8 In. Drill/Driver has competent strength for 90% of the duties but weighs just over two pounds. This tool is the perfect tool for carrying 265 In.-Lbs to every worksite. Of the highest torque.


With two speeds (0-350 rpm and 0-1,300 rpm) and 20+1 torque settings, it is a long-range solution for applications such as installation and electrical work that needs a great deal of overhead drilling and driving. It has a 3/8 In.

Bosch MS4034 34-Piece Drill and Drive Bit Set

Drill and Drive Bit Set – MS4034

Bosch 34-Piece Drill and Drive Bit Set

Bosch 24 Piece Impact Tough Screwdriving Custom Case System Set SDMS24

Screw driving Custom

10X longer bit life than standard impact bits

Bosch 12V Max EC Brushless Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tool Bare Tool GOP12V-28N

Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tool

Brushless Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tool

One-sleeve three-jaw chuck that holds bits securely. It has an integrated LED display, an integrated fuel gauge, and a lightweight 12V Max power system from Bosch that delivers a longer working time without weight gain.

Key Features

  • A lightweight powerhouse of just 2.14 lbs. For the full-day comfort
  • Best performance-to-size ratio of class
  • Useful for hard-to-work tasks with a 7 In. Head-Long
  • Strong, 265 In.-Lbs. Max torque
  • Two settings at 0-350 rpm and 0-1,300 rpm to balance the speed of the mission.
  • 20+1 settings of the clutch for more accurate adjustment of the torque
  • One sleeve, 3/8 in. The three-jaw chuck firmly holds the pieces
  • Integrated LED light helps users to see in darker workspaces.
  • It’s a lightweight cordless drill.
  • Adequate power due to its size.
  • Reliable battery pack.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Not for commercial use
  • Problematic chuck

Although small, this cordless drill boasts superb performance, specially designed for consumers and contractors who mostly perform light-duty tasks.

If you’re an electrician who has to work in tight areas, the PS31-2A is bound to be your perfect companion. It is also an outstanding product for plumbers and similar contractors who need a lightweight tool to do some basic drilling and driving daily. You’re not going to regret buying it – it’s a Bosch product, after all.

Craftsman CMCK210C2 Drill and Driver Set

At CRAFTSMAN, we supply goods like never before. We have revived our long-established pride in excellent quality with re-engineered products, recreating our historically reliable, high-performance tools.


This CRAFTSMAN V20 20V max* 2tool Combo kit offers a solution for all your drilling and fastening expectations. The 2-speed drill driver is 1/2 in. To fit a wide range of drill bits for different purposes.


Drill Bit Set, 47 Pieces (CMAF1247)

Compatible with the versa-track portable storage

CRAFTSMAN Drill Driver Set, 53-Piece (CMAF1253)

Drill /Driver Set, 53-Piece (CMAF1253)

CRAFTSMAN Drill /Driver Set, 53-Piece (CMAF1253)

CRAFTSMAN V20 Lithium Ion Battery

V20 Lithium Ion Battery-CMCB202-2

2.0-Amp Hour,
2 Pack

The 340 UWO provides the perfect opportunity you need to accomplish your heavy-duty tasks. It’s 1/4 in. The impact driver has a maximum torque rating of 1, 500 lbs for driving large fasteners. The one hand-in-hand bit insert makes bit changes fast and easy. Both units are lightweight, compact, and comfortable with molded grips to reduce user fatigue. The 2tool Combo kit comes with soft storage for transporting or storing products, batteries, chargers, and accessories.

Key Features

  • Brushless motors have up to 25% more running time and increased reliability.
  • Brushless, half in. Drill Driver produces 350 unit watts for a range of heavy-duty job site applications.
  • Drill driver with the 2-speed gearbox at 0600/01, 900
  • A 1/2″ ratcheting chuck offers better bit retention
  • Brushless 1/4 in. Impact driver provides 1,500 lbs of torque for challenging work.
  • Impact Driver produces 2,800 RPMs and 3,500 IPMs to complete a range of fastening applications.
  • Fast Release chuck enables quick and simple one-handed bit changes
  • Nice series of drills for a homeowner for the house.
  • The drill is lightweight and does not put too much pressure on your hand for longer use.
  • The battery charges pretty easily. Get a new charge of the dead battery in about half an hour.
  • Comes with a carry/storage bag
  • The speed of the drill (like the Dewalt) can be adjusted with the trigger and it does so very smoothly.
  • The power/torque on these drills does not match up to or even come close to the DeWalt drills.
  • The drill doesn’t come with a belt hook, but it has a spot for you to mount one after buying it separately.
  • Unlike the 20V Dewalt drill, the hammer drill has only one light mode (for those who care).
  • The impact driver has a light, but it is located below the nozzle and not all over the nozzle like it is with the Dewalt impact driver.
  • Hammer drill comes with two power settings, but I didn’t see any difference between the two settings.

What you do get is the trusted name of Craftsman and a solid 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Not to mention, this tool is made in the USA, a feeling for Craftsman’s history. For long-standing fans of Craftsman Tools, it is understood that these products stand up to the abuses that tools are exposed to and perform very well over time. With that being said, you’re going to get what you pay for. This Craftsman kit is worth every penny, and it’s going to pay off over time.

Overall, we are personally very pleased with this Craftsman Package. As someone who has a variety of drill/drivers and impact drivers, they will be used regularly! We were especially impressed by the quality of design, the overall performance, and the lightweight.

We could see pros gravitating to this package for a variety of reasons, as well as hardcore DIY’er or homeowners. Irrespective of that, it’s fair to assume that Craftsman remains committed to a tradition of consistency and excellence.

Ridgid R860054 GEN5X Brushless Cordless Drill Driver

The Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Compact Drill contains the same two speeds you can expect from this class. Low speed runs up to 2100 RPM and low-speed nets up to 700-inch pounds of torque


The Ridgid Hex Grip on the handle makes the drill comfortable and safe in the hand. Thanks in part to the brushless motor, the drill is light and lightweight. The kit comes with 2.0 Ah batteries, but I prefer to use 4.0 Ah batteries for additional power and life.

Ridgid Genuine OEM R840087 18V Hyper Lithium-Ion 4AH Single Battery

Hyper Lithium-Ion Battery

Ridgid Genuine OEM R840087 18V

Genuine OEM Dual Chemistry Battery Charger

OEM R840095 Battery Charger

Genuine OEM Dual Chemistry Battery Charger

Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth

Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth

R84087 Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth

Key Features

  • Max Torque: 500 in.-lbs.
  • No Load Speed High: 0-1,500 RPM
  • No Load Speed Low: 0-400 RPM
  • Chuck Capacity:      1/2 in.
  • BATTERY: 1.5Ah
  • Volts: 18V Output / 120V Input
  • RETURNABLE: 90-Days
  • Because of the lightweight, you can work with it for long periods.
  • 2-Speed Settings for matching power to the task.
  • All Metal Gears for extended job site durability.
  • 1/2 in. Single Sleeve Ratcheting Chuck for securely locking bit.
  • 24-Position Clutch Ring allows adjustments to match any application.
  • Covered by a Lifetime Service Agreement.
  • the chuck is hard to remove.
  • Transmission broke when using for bigger tasks.

We will certainly recommend the Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Cordless Drill to other Pros. This drill is lightweight, strong, and has excellent battery life. We’d love to see it come with 4.0Ah batteries instead of 2.0Ah batteries.

This Ridgid Gen5X cordless drill would make it a bit heavier, but it would extend the already impressive battery life even further and improve the hair’s power. Compact batteries are a lot like the M.O. However, on most drill kits. It’s a fantastic value far below the expense of the other big names in this class.

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